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How to Turn off Players Post or Players Drawings in Splatoon 2?

Want to Censor user content on Splatoon 2, then apply these settings

Splatoon 2 has a feature allowing the user to showcase their drawings in the game. It is called Player Post in Splatoon 2. Sometimes certain drawings can be upsetting and you can choose to turn them off. Not good for younger players, you can disable the players post feature that stops the drawing from displaying in the game.

How to disable Players Drawings in Splatoon 2?

There are two ways to disable Players Drawings or turn off Players Post in Splatoon 2. First is via in-game settings which is the simplest one and second via parental control. I am adding both the methods below and pick one that suits you the best.

Disable Players Drawings through Splatoon 2 Settings:

  • Launch Splatoon
  • Press ZL+ZR to start the game
  • On your player’s screen press X
  • Go to Options Tab > Other
  • Look for Post Display options and choose Off.

Another is on the left sidebar below handheld mode. Post Display is the second option below the Color lock. After applying Off to “Turn in-game post display” none of the user’s drawings will be displayed on the game. Do not forget to reload the game.

Disable Players Drawings through Splatoon 2 Parental Control:

  • Install Nintendo Switch Parental Controls mobile app.
  • On your Switch go to System Settings > Parental Controls.
  • Click on Parental Controls Settings.
  • Select Set with Smart Device.
  • Select Restriction Level and pick custom from the four options – Teen, Child, Young Child or Custom.
  • Select Next and pick Yes from the screen, for app confirmation.
  • On the Smartphone app login with your Nintendo Account.
  • Go to Console Settings > Restriction Level.
  • Commuincating with Others > Restrict Communicating with Others.
  • Select Splatoon 2.

Using the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls mobile app you can control the way the game can communicate with user. You can restrict its access and block players drawrings on Splatoon 2.