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How To Turn Off Mature Content in Gears 5

Want to play clean?

Gears 5 allows you to turn off Mature Content that includes a bit of violence and enable a profanity filter so that you can play in a simpler environment. This is applicable to places like homes and office or even public places if get a chance to have hands on Gears 5. The settings to turn off Mature Content in Gears 5 is extremely simple, it does not effect the overall gameplay at all.

Settings to Turn off Mature Content in Gears 5


If you are playing on PC press the Escape button and go to Game Options. On the left side of list look for a dedicated tab for Mature Content just below Key Bindings. You can turn off the following thee options from this section of Gears 5 settings.

Disable Mature Content Gears 5

  1. Gore
  2. Mature Content
  3. Profanity Filter


By default everything will be on, so you can disable them from here or enable it back whenever you want to view it in Gears 5. The options section of Gears 5 has vast number of settings for Controller, Game, Video, Audio, Mouse Settings, Key Bindings, Accessibility and Controls Remapping. One important thing you must do before you exit the Boot Camp and dive directly into the main camping, is reduce Mouse Look Sensitivity and Mouse Aim Sensitivity. Leave the Zoom Sensitivity on default.