How To Terraform In Valheim | How To Flatten Ground

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Terraforming in Valheim will enable you to create and flatten a surface for placing buildings constructing other types of equipment on a flat surface. Terraforming also helps you to customize the place you’re on so that you can design the environment according to your needs.

Valheim Terraforming Guide

To terraform in Valheim, you will need to equip your hoe and start transforming the ground, creating the perfect level ground takes some time and practice, to begin with. You will be able to raise or lower the level of the terrain as per your wish, having a flat ground will easily 

how to terraform in Valheim
Terraforming in Valheim helps you to create a level ground and increase or decrease the level

When you’re working with your hoe, if you see a circle with a vertical line, it means that the terrain location is lower than where you’re standing. If the circle isn’t visible entirely, it means that the terrain is higher than where you’re standing.

To get a better estimate and understanding, we recommend that you dig down a bit deeper after your initial flattening. Using poles and floors will give you a clearer understanding of how you’ve been terraforming and once the location has been flattened to your liking you can start to construct buildings or different items there.

Make sure that you get used to terraforming in Valheim as it will help you create houses in the game on a perfect level and this will help with not only the aesthetics but also when you’re expanding vertically.

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Your beams and other items inside your buildings will have straight and clear lines, this is majorly beneficial to those who are just beginning in Valheim.

While most of the concepts of the game are pretty clear, learning how to terraform will help you understand the core mechanics of construction in the game.

This is all there is to know about how to terraform in Valheim, while you’re here we recommend that you check out our Valheim Wiki Guide to know absolutely everything about the game right here on Gamer Tweak.