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Dinkum Terraforming Guide: How To Terraform

Check out this guide to learn Terraforming in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a new life-simulator farming game that is based on the wild Australian-themed island. Farming and Poultry Farming are the two main activities in the game. A player wants his surroundings to be clean and perfect, but being a stranded island, it is not as perfect as it should be. Terraforming is the process using which uneven lands can be leveled using a Compactor. The land then becomes perfect to use. Terraform your land in Dinkum using our guide that highlights everything related to it.

How to Terraform in Dinkum

A classic shovel can be used to clear out the block of land but it will be a bit time-consuming. A compactor is the best way to Terraform a land. Get a compactor by following these steps:

How to Terraform in Dinkum
Image Source – The Ginger Empire (Youtube)

How to Get a Compactor in Dinkum

  • Every activity in Dinkum requires a specific license. Likewise, if you want to unlock a Compactor, you must acquire an Excavation License.
  • Fletch is the non-playable character in this game who provides licenses in exchange for Permit Points.
  • Go to Fletch’s tent and acquire an Excavation License for 500 PP.
  • Head over to Franklyn’s tent and interact with him to initiate the conversation.
  • Click on “Can you make something for me?”
  • Scroll down and find the Compactor.
  • Click on the Compactor to purchase it for 50,000 Dinks.
  • The Compactor is now available for use in the inventory.

How to Use a Compactor

  • Equip the Compactor from the inventory.
  • Go near an uneven piece of land.
  • Walk through the land while using the Compactor to clear the dirt and level the land.
  • It can only be used on the land that is on the character’s position.

That’s how you Terraform a land using a compactor in Dinkum. If you found this helpful, you’ll like our other Dinkum guides.