How To Tame Magmasaur In ARK Survivor Evolved Genesis

Of all the many creatures that found their way in Survivor Evolved Ark Genesis, the Magmasaur looks the more impressive and deadly, it is a great creature and if you tame it can prove to be really helpful if you know how to use it. This guide will show you how to tame Magmasaur in Survivor Evolved Ark Genesis.

How to Tame Magmasaur in Survivor Evolved ARK Genesis

The Magmasaur is a lava giant and like so lives around areas where the heat is concentrated like the Volcanic Biome. It also acquires it strength and charges up attacks through heat.

You will require a heat resistant saddle to protect yourself from the heat that radiates from the Magmasaur. The creature itself looks menacing and will consume everything in its path.

The more Magmasaur consumes the more charged up its attacks will be, so if anything that it eats births fires it will make the Magmasaur even more powerful.

The Magmasaur also acts like a Refining Forge to smelt Metal and refine other resources.

The only weakness of the Magmasaur is if is comes in contact with a cold item, it will weaked it and slow it down. If you manage to take a Magmasaur you will get items like Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat and Sulfur from it.

Below are the basic stats for the Magmasaur:

Health: 3000
Stamina: 500
Oxygen: 200
Food: 2000
Weight: 550
Melee Damage: 1202
Movement Speed: 100%
Torpidity: 725
Walking Speed: 300
Swimming Speed: 150

If you are thinking about taming a Magmasaur you will need to pay attention to its attacks.

Magmasaurs Fireball attacks will destroy items like wood, stone, and metal upon contact. There is another short-ranged attack the Magmasaur deploys if anyone comes near it. This short-ranged attack will take down anyone that comes near the Magmasaur.

Heat and lava based attacks have no impact on the Magmasaur, as the creature is built of lava itself. If you want to tame the Magmasaur you will have to get its eggs and then raise one from infancy.

To get the eggs, you will need to distance the Magmasaur from its eggs by using ranged attacks. The only way to taking on the Magmasaur is by using ranged attacks, you can use things like Crossbow, Rocket Launcher, and Bloodstalker as they can give you an advantage from a distance.

To make things easier for you, try to take on the Magmasaur when it is raining as the creature will be significantly weaker and slowed down.

Once you have the egg, you will need to feed it 20x Ambergis, you can find Ambergis from the Lunar Biome but they are not so easy to come by.

Once your Magmasaur has grown to be an adult you can feed it things like Giant Honey Bee, Stone, Raw Prime Meat, Cooked Prime Meat, Raw Meat, Vegetables, Berries, and Organic Polymer.

As the Magmasaur is a walking furnace, you can put iron items on top to carry and it will greatly reduce the weight of things like Metal by 75 and Metal Ingot by 75% and Ambergis by 50%.

This is all there is to know about how to tame a Magmasaur in Survivor Evolved Ark Genesis.