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How To Tame Ferox In ARK Survivor Evolved Genesis

The new Ark Genesis update brought a lot of new creatures to Survivor Evolved and this has transformed the game, these new creatures can be tamed and used as pets which offer the tamer bonuses and other uses. This guide will show you how to tame Ferox in Survivor Evolved Ark Genesis.

How to Tame Ferox in Survivor Evolved ARK Genesis

There are two forms of the small carnivore mammal called Ferox in Survivor Evolved ARK Genesis, the first non mutated form is aggressive and shy and will run away if it sees any survivor or tamed mammal.

The other form is mutated and in this form, it becomes a very hostile creature and will attack anything that crosses its line of vision.

You can find the Ferox in the Snow Biome, you will have to go to the co ordinated 83.5 and 47.9 to find the non-mutated form of Ferox.

To tame the Ferox, you will have to find the non mutated one and knock it out, you cannot tame it in the mutated form.

To tame it you will have to approach it with “Element” in any of your inventory slot, once you use it on Ferox, it will mutate the creature and make it violent.

You will have to outrun the mutated form of the Ferox as long as possible and once it calms down you will have to repeat this process. After doing this a couple of times, the Ferox will ultimately be tamed and yours.

You can do the above in a cave, after giving it “Element” you can grapple to the roof of the cave and wait until the mutated form goes away. You can go that on a tree as well.

All you have to do is make sure that you are not in contact with the mutated version of the creature.

The Ferox is a mighty creature and if you want to tame Ferox you will have to follow the above process.

This is all there is to know about hot to tame Ferox in Survivor Evolved Ark Genesis.