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How To Study Journalism In Bitlife

Check out our guide on how to study Journalism in Bitlife.

Journalism is a profession that requires a knack for details, information, and knowledge about the world. A journalist must always be on one’s toes and ready to face any challenge that one encounters while doing their job. Overall, journalism is quite demanding but rewarding as well. In Bitlife, the scenario is no different. Here’s a guide to study journalism in Bitlife.

How to Do Journalism in Bitlife


how to study journalism in bitlife
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To take up journalism, you must keep an eye on the smarts and health of your character. That parameter must be high while your character graduates from high school. Once you graduated from high school, you need to enroll in college to pursue your majors. To study Journalism, you need to do your majors in either journalism or even English will do.

The next challenge you’ll face will be college fees. Now, there are several ways you can counter this challenge. The best way to get into college is to aim for scholarships. Your character can either be eligible for a sports scholarship or an academic scholarship. If you have maintained your character’s high smarts and health in earlier stages of school, there is a good chance your character will avail of the academic scholarship.


You can also participate in sports at a young age to crack the sports scholarship criteria. One of the ways is to get a student loan. But keep in mind, that if you opt for a student loan, you will have to take up a part-time job to pay the debts. Another way is to maintain a good relationship with the parents as they will help you pay the fees.

Once you’ve managed to complete the majors in either of the subjects, your character needs to avail yourself of a job as a junior reporter. As soon as your character becomes a junior reporter, you have entered the field of journalism successfully.

That’s all about how to study Journalism in Bitlife. Apart from journalism, there are a lot of careers that you can choose for your character and explore the respective field in every life. To know more about the highest paying jobs and careers, check out this guide.