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How To Sprint & Use Blind Fire In Gears 5

Sprint to Evade and use Blind Fire to kill enemies

In Gears 5 there will be situations when you are surrounded by enemies and trying to evade attacks by hiding behind tight spots. You can use Cover to keep yourself alive for sometime, but you have to move fast. There are two tactics you can use in Gears 5 to evade enemies attack, as well shoot down stronger enemies without getting exposed to bullets. First is by performing a Roadie Run, a simple yet effective sprinting technique to change your position instantly towards new cover. And second using Blind Fire, where you don’t really have to see an enemy, you can simply shoot staying in cover.

How To Perform Roadie Run – Sprinting In Gears 5


Press Space while walking and hold it, you will see the character starts running at a high speed. This is for a short while and can help you to escape attacks. Also it will help you to change your position if you are stuck somewhere, Sprinting is of high important in front of bosses also. Because once you are caught in their range of attack you cannot go out alive, ignoring firing, you can instantly press and hold space to change your position to a better and safer cover.

So sprinting is pretty simple and straightforward in Gears 5 and it is managed through one single key Space on PC. On Xbox hold A for performing Roadie Run.


How To use Blind Fire in Gears 5

Blind Fire is an good tactic to kill enemies who are near to you and you are low on health. By staying in cover you can simply shoot down anyone nearby. All you need is enough amount of ammos, and place the view on the enemies, there is no need to aim accurately. Just follow the enemies location and start firing. Blind Fire is highly effective for crowd control, if there are too many enemies standing in front, find a good space to have cover.

Next press the Mouse Left click, which the by default button to shoot enemies on PC and RT on Xbox, R2 on PS4 to activate Blind Fire. Watch our video to learn more.