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How To Take Cover & Perform Swat-Turn In Gears 5

Cover is Live Saver

Gears 5 is all about loot of shooting and killing aliens. There are maximum chances you will get caught into a attack where non-stop bullets from front can drain your health bar to zero. To avoid there is an basic yet important combat move to help. It is called as Cover, you can hide behind any object to avoid incoming attacks in Gears 5, with this you can instantly shift from one place to another by using Swat-Turn. This move allows you to stay in cover and move, you can switch left and right locations fast and easy.

How To Take Cover & Perform Swat-Turn in Gears 5


Run with full speed near a object and once you are near enough press Space on a PC. The same is Left Joystick and A on Xbox.  When you hit Space near a object, your character will double its speed and crouch instantly. This will put you of the direct range of enemies attack, and you can have a few seconds time to plan out your attack strategy.

The next important combat move is Swat-Turn, this simple move will help you to shift from Left object or towards right object while in cover. Yes you can move in crouch position just by pressing A + Space for Left, and D + Space for Right. To move towards left object staying in cover, hold A and press Space, do the same from right by holding D and press Space. Your character will be instantly grab a nearest safe position. It is also the fastest way to move away or near to your target.


Always perform Swat-Turn from the edge of the object to instantly shift your cover from left to right. If you do not want to shift places then use A and D to move in cover around the object. Press S to exit Cover and return back to your normal walking position. Another tip that will help you more while in cover is Mantle, the process is simple when you are in cover press W + Space to perform a jump over the object and return into a attack mode.