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How to Speed Up Time In Two Point Hospital

Getting Bored

Two Point Hospital is an interesting simulation game whereas a Hospital Administrator you have to manage a ton of thing. From building to hiring, sometimes it can be tedious to handle activities. What you can do is speed up time to amplify your progress in Two Point Hospital. You can cycle through different times, and play or pause the game with exact same controls. So here is how you can speed up time in Two Point Hospital.

How to speed up time in Two Point Hosptial on Switch?

To speed up time press the Right Joystick. You can cycle through slow, normal or fast. Between these three modes, you can collect the pace of the game, for example, if you want to complete an objective faster, after building or setting up things press the right joystick to speed up. This will complete the task faster and help you to proceed to the next mission.

To pause the game press the Left joystick. Keep an eye on the objective tap on the top right of the screen. You will exactly see what you have to do in Two Point Hospital, for example placing an object, building a toilet or pharmacy, etc. The more your hospital expands the more activities will take place at a single time.

The game is all about reputation. To increase this you will need to increase prestige which can be done by hiring high-quality staff, decorating your hospital with cool plants and items, etc. You will see the prestige you earn after a patient is satisfied with his visit. For example, if your hospital does not have enough entertainment spots then the patient will get bored during his visit time and will leave the hospital. Things have to fast and quick as well as interesting for the visitors.

Focus on hiring quality staff for your purpose, build things nearby and place decoration around. Also, add enough snacks items for patients to have fun. Also, a good staff room gives your people a break from their work which improves their efficiency and allows you to promote them.