How To Start Building A Hospital In Two Point Hospital

Healing Is Happiness

Two Point Hospital is an interesting hospital management game offering you to have some really good time. The game is out for Nintendo Switch and PS4. If you are new to the game then there is a Two Point Hospital beginngers guide for Nintendo Switch players. Tips in this guide will also help PS4 users where you can learn how to start building a brand new hospital and some basic tips to increase hospital reputation. If you are able to start well then you can keep adding new benefits for patients to increase hospital reputation and earn money in Two Point Hospital. So let’s begin.

How to build a new hospital in Two Point Hospital on Switch?

You will begin with Hogsport in Two Point County to start your career as a hospital administrator in Two Point Hospital. This is where you will set up your first hospital. At the start, you will get a budget of  $200,000. Spend this wisely to build the best hospital in Two Point Hospital. Keep an eye on the top right of the screen, this is where you get all the objectives.

Two Point Hospital Basic Controls:

  1. Look Around: Use L (left joystick) to pan the camera and look around the area of the hospital. This will help you can check how big the current ground is and allow you to set up a pharmacy, offices, toilets, etc.
  2. Zoom In & Zoom Out: Press ZL or ZR for zoom, you can use these keys to increase the current view size.
  3. Rotate: Use the right joystick to rotate the camera change the view around your new hospital.

How to Build?

To build anything you will need to access different tabs in Two Points Hospital. Displayed on the bottom left of the screen there are sections like Rooms, Items and Hire. Rooms allow you to build office, pharmacy, etc. Items give you dust bins, plants, etc while you can hire nurses, doctors from the Hire tab. The first step is to build a Reception, GP Office, Staff Room, and Toilet. With these four basic elements, you will start your first Hospital and also learn how to increase prestige in Two Points Hospital. More presitige means more reputation, which will bring in more patients.

  • Press Y to access the menu on the bottom left.
  • Use D-pad keys to select a tab like Rooms.
  • Go to Items first, select Reception and press A to confirm.
  • Use the Left and Right joystick to rotate an item.
  • Press A to confirm and place the items on the desired locations.
  • If you want to cancel that item and select another one press B.

After selecting the Reception you will see the structure on the floor, drag it in front of the entrance and place it well. You can add a Leaflet, Plant, and Dustbin around to increase reputation. Building a room like a GP’s office or a Pharmacy which is different compared to placing an item like a Front desk.

  • From the Rooms, the menu chooses the GP’s office.
  • Use a 3×3 size minimum to build an office, pharmacy or toilet.
  • Use the joysticks to drag out an office floor plan and press X to finish building the room.
  • Next a new additional menu will give you options to build doors, windows, decorations, bins, file cabinets, medicine cabinet, etc.

You will always need a door to offer entry and exit points. So this is the first thing to do after building anything in Two Point Hotel. After that give a more professional look to the rooms by placing filing cabinets, fire extinguishers, chairs, plants, etc. Everything comes with a cost. After building any new office you will need to hire, read the below tips on how to hire in Two Point Hospital?

How to Hire?

After placing a GP Office or a Reception the next thing to do is to hire staff. This includes an Assistant, nurse, reception, etc. For this Two Point Hospital has a dedicated Hire Tab. For the start, we will hire a person to handle the front desk.

  • Select Hire and then go to the Assistant Tab.
  • There will be different options for people with their ratings. Some will have one star while some will have three ratings with additional attributes. The better ratings the costlier staff will be.
  • For example, if you hire a three-star Assistant you will get additional qualities like good in the argument. Also, there is a hiring cost along with the staff salary.
  • Press A to hire.
  • You will have to hire a Doctor and Nurse next.

Three-star staff is highly efficient in their work, you can go with mid and lower also if you are low on budget. And when you make money you can replace them with better ones. To exit Hire menu press B. The next thing you have to build is a General Practioner’s office, a GP office. Go to Rooms and pick the GP office, place it somewhere on the left of the entrance. The way to organize office relies on you, best is to keep things nearby. For example a GP office and Pharmacy near to the front desk. This allows your patient to instantly get diagnosed, grab a medicine, get cured and return to their home.

Your hospital will be now open for treating patient, after getting a front desk and a GP office everything starts. Next is building a pharmacy, a toilet and placing items of entertainment for the patient. Which including snack machines, a drink machine, etc. There are many things to explore in Two Point Hospital.

This is how you can build your first hospital in Two Point Hospital and start treating a patient. Have fun playing.