How to Solve Lantern Riddles Genshin Impact?

Here is an answer to three Lantern Riddles to complete Guests in Qingce quest.

Guests in Qingce is one of the quests in Genshin Impact which has hidden riddles. To complete you will have to solve Latern Riddles which may sound challenging, but are easy to solve. In this guide, I will help you with completing the Guests in Qingce quest by providing you the locations of all three Lantern Riddles and their location. Also do not forget to read till the end to find what happens after solving all three Landern Riddles in Genshin Impact.

Guests in Qingce: Lantern Riddle Solutions

As the quest begins you will see three flying lanterns. Each has a riddle and you will have to guess the same. The challenge here is to read the quest properly to figure out the hidden answer. If you are able to answer this properly you can get more quest with more rewards. Follow up the guide below for answers on each lantern riddle.

Lantern Riddle 1:

“Rock-hard flesh and bamboo bones. Lives in the city with thousands of clones. Pitch-black sea marks the end of its flight. Within its body hides resplendent light”

Genshin Impact Lantern Riddle 1 Answer

  • Answer: Xiao Lantern
  • Reward: Bird Egg

Lantern Riddle 2:

“A bamboo tube with powdered stone. Burns in the night as bright as the sun. It roars like thunder, very frightening. But it summons ash instead of lightning.”

Genshin Impact Lantern Riddle 2 Answer

  • Answer: Firecrackers
  • Reward: Frog

Lantern Riddle 3:

“Watch me rise from Wanmin and ride the wind to Jueyun. But if my string is broken, I flail and plummet to oblivion.”

Genshin Impact Lantern Riddle 3 Answer

  • Answer: Kites
  • Reward: Potato

Above are the three answers for all Genshin Impact Latern Riddles. Every answer will reward you with a cooking ingredient. Also by answering all the riddles, you will unlock five more quests which further rewards you with more items. This game has lots of puzzles like Taishan Mansion Puzzle which appears at the very start, and Dragonspine Seelie Puzzles that holds some best rewards.