How To Use SlingShot in A Plague Tale Innocence

Learn to perform sling shot by finding rocks and aiming them properly

Sling Shot in A Plague Tale Innocence is a basic attack move which is necessary to learn at the very beginning of the game. The controls to perform Slingshot is simple, you have to find some rocks collect them and shoot on the target. You can carry six rocks at the start. There are two phases of Sling Shot attack in A Plague Tale Innocence, first aiming at the target and then priming the shot for max impact. You will also learn how to find rocks in this guide with tips on a slingshot.

Slingshot will help you to burn torches, break chains, kill enemies with a headshot, break enemies lamp to feed them to rats, etc. It is an important weapon in the game. With different crafting recipes, you can create various ammunition you can use as soon as you unlock the Workbench for crafting and upgrading weapons and gears.

How To Use Slingshot

  1. Press R3 to scan the area to find rocks
  2. Once you spot it walks near the rock and press X. One single big chunk of rock will give you six rocks.
  3. Hold L2 to aim at the target, and hold R2 to prime.
  4. Release R2 to attack the target.

Perform Slingshot in A Plague Tale Innocence

Continue L2 to aim first on the target you will see crosshair, aim it properly and it will not shift from its position. Press R2 to prime and as you release you will be able to hit at the exact point. Performing Sling Shot is pretty simple, it will be used further in the game for distraction, for attacking enemies, etc.

During the beginning of the game when Amicia and Hugo are trying to escape you have to use Slingshot to distract the enemies by shooting helmets or other objects around. You can also throw a stone without using Slingshot because it makes a noise, just press L1 to throw the rock with hand.

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