How To Unlock Crafting In A Plague Tale Innocence – Unlock Workbench To Upgrade Weapons

Learn to upgrade weapons, pouches, ammunition and more.

A Plague Tale Innocence at the end of the second chapter The Strangers you will find an old lady that will help Amicia and Hugo. She will take both inside her house and here you will unlock the Workbench after changing clothes. The workbench allows you to upgrade weapons and upgrade your inventory to carry more items. But it requires to collect some items before upgrading a weapon like Slingshot. In this A Plague Tale Innocence how to upgrade weapon guide you can learn on how to use workbench and unlock crafting.

How To Unlock And Use Workbench To Upgrade Weapons

Collect tools from the left of the workbench and then go outside in the backyard. Look on your left near the window for some Leather.

Return to the workbench and you will unlock the Upgrade menu in A Plague Tale Innocence, this is the first time you will repair the Sling, repairing also means enhancing its strength by using better material.

Hold X near the workbench to interact, it will open up an entirely different Menu. Where you will see Sling and on the right side a list of materials like rock, sand, etc. By upgrading you can improve weapons ability to get a powerful headshot.

Unlock Crafting In A Plague Tale Innocence

After upgrading the Sling more items will unlock like Pouch, Pocket, Ammunition Bag and Attirail. The Sling section allows three level upgrades where Amicia will get better grips and lethal headshots. The pouch section will fix the accuracy of Sling.

The pocket upgrade will increase the capacity to carry more items, like the first upgrade will increase rock carrying capacity from 6 to 12. It doubles with each upgrade. The ammunition bag upgrade will increase the capacity to hold up to 10 ammunition of each type.

The menu has two sections Sling and Equipment, with right materials you can upgrade each to deal with stronger enemies ahead. Upgrade the slight shot first.

You can access the Crafting Menu by pressing the Touchpad, but you will need the Workbench for this. This unlocks Crafting Menu in A Plague Tale Innocence.