How to Skip Custscenes in Death Stranding

Annoyed with long videos

Death Stranding has pretty long cutscenes and if you wish to skip them then there is an pretty odd method to do that. By default in games usually you have to press a key to skip the cutscene, but in Death Stranding during the cutscene you have to pause the game first. In this way you can skip a ton of cutscenes saving your time and move forward towards the objective. You can do this multiple time in the game, in this Death Stranding guide I will show you the exact way to skip cutscene.

How to skip  Cutscenes in Death Stranding

While the cutscene is playing press the Options button and you will see a menu to skip the Cutscene. You can do this multiple time and get straight to the point. Some cutscenes like Sam deploying cargo for recycling or delivering are just worthless waste of few seconds. You can skip that and instant get to the reward page.

So whenever to have to skip a cutscene press the Option key on the controller to pause the game right in the middle of cutscene and then press Ok. You can do this to skit cutscenes for shower, toilet, private room rest, delivering cargo, etc. It is highly annoying sometime in private room when you have to keep on watching Sam doing things. Just watch this video below I can skip every cutscene and instantly go to the next gameplay.  It is easy fast and very useful tip.