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How to Find Lost Cargo in Death Stranding – Tips To Scan

Locate lost objects

Death Stranding will take you to an mysterious land where the bridge between life and death is broken. Ruled by supernatural species you as Sam Porter Bridges is on a duty to restore connection. Ample of time you will have to locate your Cargo if you fell or lost packages. Delivering all the cargo will give you more likes that makes you popular in Death Stranding. However it is tricky to understand at the beginning why Likes really matter, but as you begin scanning the area and finding your route is highly important. In this Death Stranding tips you can learn how to use the Cargo Scanner to locate packages.

How to use Cargo Scanner – Odradek Terrain Scanner


During the prologue before the first part begins, Sam’s bike crashes and he drops all the cargo’s. This is where you will learn to use the Odradek Scanner which will be an highly helpful feature ahead in the game. Odradek Scanner can be activated by pressing R1, it will scan the region and you can easily locate your lost cargo. Look for blue icons stand first and scan in all directions. The Cargo Scanner has as small cooldown time, but it an important feature that will also help you to dodge BT’s the ghost type enemies that will pull you in the death world.

The terrain scanner will also help you to pull out a safe way while travelling for example when you hit R1 and scan the area red X signs mean you can fall or it is not a place to work. Yellow is ok while Blue is the safe one.

You will be using the Odradek Scanner a lot and it is extremely simple to use. You have to scan in different direction to locate lost objects, to see hidden enemies and proceed further. Death Stranding is more about Stealth based gameplay where you need a lot of patience. As Sam a porter who carries luggage to different points, these cargo carries importance and will impact your popularity in the game.


By pressing R1 you scan for abandoned cargos, locate route, markers, enemies and lot more.