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How To Run Away From Battles In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Fleeing from a battle may seem to be cowardly, but it is better than succumbing to your opponents in the middle of a battle. Final Fantasy 7 Remake has tons of battles and some can really overwhelm you. This guide will show you how to run away from a battle to save your life.

There is no shame in doing so, after all, you are doing this to save your life. You can run away from a battle and quickly heal yourself or even find an alternate route to bypass the enemies.


How To Flee From Battles In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

To run away from a fight, you will have to leave the battle and run away as far as you can, the game won’t let you go out of the battle immediately though.

If you happen to fly away to the right area, you will see a red text floating above that will say Fleeing in bright red. This tells you that though you are running away from a fight, you are going in the right direction.


You can even run away and heal up to back to the battle if you so choose to do, but most people just escape to find an alternative route as this fight seemed to be getting out of hand.

Make sure that you check out for the text above when you decide to flee, or else you will be running around in circles. This covers pretty much everything there is to know about fleeing in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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