How To Remake In Valorant (2023)

Here's all about how to Remake a game in Valorant.

Valorant being a Multiplayer game is fun to play with friends. But this can also be annoying when allies go AFK (Away From Keyboard). To fix this issue, Riot Games have implemented the Remake System. This guide will tell you how to Remake in Valorant easily.

What is Remake in Valorant and How to use it?

remake valorant

As it is in League of Legends, the Remake System lets you terminate a Competitive game, which counts as a neutral game and doesn’t affect your Rank and MMR (Match Making Rating). Also, the Remake System makes the game a Loss for the AFK player. This means that even though the game was nullified, the AFK will suffer a full Loss in his/her rank. The Remake System can only be available in the second round of a Competitive game. To use it you must type “/remake” in the text chat and it will trigger a vote where all the connected team members must vote to remake the match.  The remake will only work with the four votes.

Things to Keep in Mind while Remaking in Valorant

The player must be AFK to initiate the Remake vote.  Trolling or INTing (Intentionally Throwing) the game will not trigger the Remake System. He/She must be AFK. Also, to trigger the Remake System it must be the second round of the game, after that, you cannot trigger the Remake System. If the player disconnected or went AFK during the Buy Phase of the second round, the remake vote can be triggered. The Remake vote cannot be triggered in the second half of the game.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to use the Remake System. This should help you save your Rank in most games and hopefully will incentivize you to not be that Toxic player who everyone hates. Now go get those Radiants.

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