How To Upgrade Health, Armor and Ammo in Doom Eternal

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Health, Ammo, and Armor are the three most important stats of your character in Doom Eternal. When you start you will be limited, but as you progress you can increase your Health, Armor and Ammo capacity. For this, you will need to read our guide and understand how these three attributes have a major impact on your gameplay. You can grab Health by killing enemies. The same you can do for Ammo but to get Armor there is a special requirement. In this Doom 3 Stats guide, I am going to show how to get health, how to get ammo and how to get the armor in Doom 3. Along with this, you will also learn how to upgrade these three important stats. So let’s begin.

How to get Health In Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal Upgrade Health

Health is displayed in the form of Blue Bar in the bottom left of the screen. The most important part of your character, no health and you are off the grounds. But there is a way to get back into the battle in Doom Eternal even if you die. For this, you will need to find 1 UP. An Extra Live, that will immediately revive you if you are out of health. But if you die you will be sent back to your last checkpoint.

There are two ways to get Health in Doom Eternal. First is searching for Medkits around the corners. They are plenty of them, but a little exploration is required. Second is by using Glory Kills, a special move that can only be performed if the enemy is staggered. Just shoot a few bullets the enemy will start glowing, go near and perform a glory kill. The dead enemy will drop health. The good thing about using Glory Kills is the less health you have, the more enemy will drop if you use it well.

How to get Ammo In Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal Upgrade Ammo

Ammos is the second most important thing in Doom Eternal. Unfortunately, they are limited, and it is not like you get a thousand bullet during the fight. You have to keep on farming ammo by looking around as well by using the Chainsaw attack. Ammo’s are scattered and can be found, but again it is a little hectic. You have to keep in mind to farm Ammos, and it depends on the Stats upgrade that you can read below. To get the ammo you can perform Chainsaw attack, which requires fuel. When you see a fuel can walk over it and you will see a tiny icon on the bottom right of the screen. This indicates you have some fuel, and you can use the Chainsaw attack. Killing enemy with this will drop ammo.

Doom Eternal Upgrade Ammo

So be ready for this, especially when you are facing hordes of enemies. Your ammo will drain out very fast and collecting fuel becomes important. There is more way to get ammo is by scanning the corners, they are bullet left over. Walk over them.

How to get Armor In Doom Eternal?

Armor is the third and final attribute of your character which plays a vital role in survivability in Doom Eternal. First, it is your armor that breaks and then health is consumed. So if you can get Armor in Doom Eternal you can fight for longer. Enemies will not Drop Armor through Glory Killing or through Chainsaw attack. There is another special type of attack needed. For this, you will have to unlock Flame Blech. Complete the first main mission Hell on Earth. You will be sent back to your space station and there follow the objective market to unlock Flame Belch. Killing enemies with this gadget will give you Armor drops.

Doom Eternal How To Get Armor

Flame Belch set enemies on fire, and they will drop Armor Shards. Killing them during this will give you the most armor. To get max armor to burn enemies in a group. There is cool down time, enemies will keep on dropping Armor until they are on fire. And you can shoot them to get maximum drops.

How to increase Health, Ammo and Armor capacity in Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal How to Level up

Now we come to the most important part of how to upgrade Health, Ammo, and Armor. These three attributes will make you unstoppable in the game, and in Doom Eternal upgrading them is quite important. After completing the first mission Hell on Earth at your space station you will first unlock Flame Belch. Then you will get a Sentinel Crystal. This Sentinel Crystal plays a big role in increasing Health, Ammo and Armor bar in Doom Eternal. Each category has four upgrades, which means you will need to find 12 Sentinel Crystals to upgrade all the stats.

Doom Eternal How to Level up

  1. Quickdraw Belch – Flame Belch takes less time to cool down. Upgrades Health and Armor.
  2. Napalm Belch – Heavy and Super Heavy demons stay on fire longer. Upgrades Ammo and Health.
  3. Belch Armor Boost – Demons drops armor at a faster rate. Upgrades Ammo and Health.
  4. Loot Magnet – Resources drops get pulled in from much further away. Upgrades Ammo and Armor.
  5. Health for Blood – As long as you are at max health, all health pickups contribute to Blood Punch. Upgrades Armor and Health.
  6. Armor for Blood – As long as you have max armor, all armor pickups contribute to Blood Punch. Upgrades Ammo and Armor.

Using Sentinel Crystals you can increase your Health, Armor and Ammo capacity. So this one is quite important to focus on. Two links upgrades will also give you a bonus upgrade.

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