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How To Recover Resources In Journey to the Savage Planet After Dying

Unlock Trophy Return To Sender

Gathering resources is a kind of primary objective in Journey to the Savage Planet, but during the process, there will be some lethal alien creatures who can kill you instantly. And when you die you will lose all the collected resources, but do not worry. You can recover lost resources in Journey to the Savage Planet instantly. Thankfully the developer has kept an option otherwise it would be a pain to recollect everything. So here is how you can recover lost resources in the game and after retrieving loot you will also unlock Trophy – Return To Sender.

How to recover resources in Journey to the Savage Planet?


When you die in Journey to the Savage Planet and before you had collected resources like Carbon, Silicon, Alien Alloy, etc it will be lost as you respawn in the Javelin. There will be nothing in your inventory. This does not mean you have to collect everything once again. Journey to the Savage Planet is all about humor and surprises.

After dying return to the last location, place where you were killed. Look for a yellow crate which will have everything. Break it and you can grab your resources. There is one issue with the process, if you are killed by a giant alien creature then you have to get back to that point once again. One of the safest ways to store your resources is to visit Javelin. When you enter the ship through Teleportation, all your resources deposited automatically. So you can go back outside and collect more.

Remember, whenever you are killed visit the last location of your death and look for a yellow crate to recover all your resources in Journey to the Savage Planet. To know more about the game you an try our Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide.