How To Get To The Sewers In Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Final Fantasy 7 Remake is here and it looks and feels bigger than ever because the first part of the game mainly focuses on Midgar city and this has been expanded in the remake. Every place in this game is iconic including the sewers and you will have to get to this place sooner or later in the game. This guide will show you how to get back to the sewers in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

How To Reach The Sewers In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

In the story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you will travel through all the iconic places in Midgar city, this will surely get you through a lot of known and new places in the game.

As you progress along in Final Fantasy 7 Remake you will reach Wall Market and have to confront Don Corneo, after doing this you are tasked with returning to Sector 7 through the sewers, you get to do this once before the sewers are shut down.

However, when you reach chapter 14, you will come across tons of side quests and one of which will have you get back to Sector 7 via the sewers again. Now, since the sewers are shut off, there is no point in going back.

What you’ll want to do at this point is progress in Chapter 14 for a little bit and when you get the chance, go to Don Corneo’s mansion.

Once there find an NPC named Leslie, he is a key point in getting you back to the sewers, you will need to talk to Leslie and he will make it possible for you to back to the sewers and complete the side quest.

Once you are inside the sewer you can go back to Sector 7 and complete the side quest, make sure that while you’re still here to check out other guides on Final Fantasy 7 Remake.