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How to Join a Quest or Go Online in Monster Hunter Rise?

Want to joins a friend quest then read this guide for more details?

You can create your friend’s party in Monster Hunter Rise and play with this. There are certain simple steps to enable Monster Hunter Rise Co-op mode. You will need Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play this mode. If you are not having one consider subscribing, it also brings add-on benefits. You can also password lock the lobby so that only your friends can join. Here is a guide on how to join a quest in Monster Hunter Online.

Steps to Join a Quest in Monster Hunter Online


Monster Hunter World Co-Op

In Co-op mode, you can play a mission with your friends. For which you will have to create a lobby. But before complete the game tutorials. Here are the actual Switch settings.

  1. Find Senri the Mailman Palico.
  2. From the Menu choose the Play Online Option.
  3. Select Create Lobby. Under the option, you can lock the lobby with a password.
  4. Note down the same and then Create your Lobby.


The Lobby is active now, you will need to set up the controllers to let your friend play with you.  Co-op mode is like sharing the same screen and play with separate controllers.

How to Invite a friend to your Quest?

Monster Hunter World Co-Op


You can invite your friend to your Lobby and play with him on separate controllers. The settings are simple, follow the below steps.

  • Talk to Senri the Mail Man.
  • Go to Friends List

From here you can invite a friend via his/her ID or you can join another person’s game. The menu gives you all kinds of details required to join a map. You will have to share your Lobby ID code to help your friends to find your match. Just click on Play Online after finding Senri and interacting with the character. This is how you can go online in Monster Hunter Rise.


How to Play Monster Hunter Rise on Split Screen?

Monster Hunter Rise does not have split-screen support for the time being. But you can play in co-op with a friend and enjoy slaying historic monsters. All online settings are accessible via Senri the mailman. Which loads a menu of online gameplay where you can either switch to co-op or go with online multiplayer mode. You can also start all co-op modes by visiting the same character or by picking the option from the main game screen.

Monster Hunter World Multiplayer Match

You can also start a Co-op quest which allows you to pick a quest. If you are looking for more challenges and want to pick your boss then go with the Co-op Quests. Talk to Minoto in the gathering area for the same, or you can also check the multiplayer menu for similar settings. It is extremely easy to enable multiplayer mode in Monster Hunter Rise.

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