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Halo Infinite Split-screen How To Set Up & Play Multiplayer

Looking to play Halo Infinite the old school way, split-screen with your friends? This guide will help you learn how to do that.

Halo Infinite supports playing in Split-screen. While you can play with your friends online, but there is something special about playing locally split-screen. And thankfully the multiplayer mode of the game supports it. So in this guide let us take a look at how to set up & play Split-screen in Halo Infinite and learn about how many players are supported.

How to Set up & Play Split-screen in Halo Infinite

how many players are supported in halo infinite

Before we get into the steps, you will need an Xbox console, two Xbox accounts, and two Xbox controllers. If you have these ready, let us get into the steps.

  1. Connect the controller two to the console and sync it.
  2. Use the second controller and press the menu button. Now player two has to log in with their account (second account). This account needs to be valid as you can’t use Guest accounts.
  3. If done correctly the Player two will get added to the fireteam and can play any multiplayer mode that has support for Split-screen.

Remember the above steps to play Multiplayer is for Multiplayer mode and not Campaign. The game hasn’t added the co-op support in Campaign mode yet.

How many players support Split-screen

As of now, there is no way for PC players to play split-screen. While the game might not support multiplayer on PC yet, the developers can add it in the future. The number of players supported in consoles is as follows.

  • Xbox one
    • If you have the Xbox One Console then only 2 players can play.
  • Xbox Series X|S
    • For eight-player modes, a maximum of four players can play together.
    • In a big team battle, only two players can play together

That sums up this guide on how to set up & play Split-screen in Halo Infinite, and how many players are supported. Time to take a break from Multiplayer mode and play campaign, check out our guides on how to kill hunters and how to get to the FOB Hotel.