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How To Easily Plant Trees On Paths In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Wondering about how to use the trick to plant trees on paths in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Check it out right here

Planting trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons can be a tedious process and frustrating to say the least, but a new glitch allows players to do this instantly, if you wish to know how to plant trees in ACNH, read the rest of this guide.

How To Plant Trees On Paths In Animal Crossing New Horizons


To plant trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons, all you have to do is pave the area that you wish to plant trees on. After this, make sure that you select a construction kit and then hover on top of the path tiles. Doing this will get you the option to select, “let me imagine it” option. As soon as you get this, select the option that says, “I need to rethink it”.

how to plant trees path in animal crossing new hhorizons
Image credit: MayorMori

This will activate the glitch and take you out of the building menu, now you’re free to dig it up as you please and plant trees here. This neat little trick was discovered by YoutuberMayor Mori, and we recommend that you check out their channel to know more tricks.


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Using this option will help you to plant trees wherever you want be it stone, brick, arch tile, terracotta, or wooden paths. This will not only make your island look better but, it will also help you to create better designs and decorate the island without restrictions.

Using this process is simple and you don’t even have to risk getting the wrath of Resetti. While we’re not sure how long this trick is going to be working for so make sure that you use this exploit to your advantage as soon and as much as possible.


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