Animal Crossing New Horizons 1st Anniversary Update Guide

Celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of ACNH with this special update.

The hugely successful game that helped players cope with the pandemic with its calming presence celebrates one year soon. You can get your hands on the Animal Crossing New Horizons 1st Anniversary Update which features quite a lot of new content and feature upgrades. In this guide, we will tell you what you can get and purchase when you update your game to the first anniversary patch.

What’s New in ACNH First Anniversary Update?

acnh 1 year anniversary update

Players can get this ACNH Anniversary update on 18th March 2021. Here’s what you will be able to grab in the game through it.

1st Anniversary Cake

An anniversary is incomplete without a cake and Nintendo knows exactly how to celebrate the occasion. You will get a 1st Anniversary cake in your in-game mailbox as soon as you install the update.

Custom Design Pro Editor +

Fans will be pleased to know that the Custom Design app on your NookPhone will get more features. You will now be able to customize more stuff and also get more slots in the Normal Custom Design mode as well as Pro Custom Design mode.

Custom Design Portal Upgrade

Another small update is that you can add the Custom Design Portal in your NookPhone app. So you don’t have to go to the Able Sisters Store, you can simply use your phone after the anniversary update in ACNH.

New Seasonal Items

Since it’s spring in the game right now in the Northern Hemisphere, you will get new seasonal items when you update. You will find whoopee cushions that are available for a limited time which are perfect for April Fools Day. Plus, those who prefer upgrading their style, there will be prom-themed fashion outfits available in the Able Sisters shop from 1st to 30th April. Want more prom? Get the Prom night flooring, wall and more from Nook Shopping.

ACNH sanrio characters

Sanrio Characters – How to Get them in Annivesary Update

You can add Sanrio characters as well as items to your island via Amiibo cards. You can purchase these Amiibo cards from Target in United States from 26th March. Players in Canada can get it from Best Buy or other retailers as well. If you belong to other countries, check Nintendo’s online store. The prices of these Amiibo cards are $6 (US) and CA$7 (Canada). There’s lots you can do with these characters so if you are a hardcore fan of them, you can go ahead and buy the cards.

These are all the new things you will get in the Animal Crossing New Horizons 1st Anniversary update. In case you aren’t sure how to go about something or how to find something, don’t worry. Our ACNH wiki guide will help you out.