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How To Open Gates In Returnal To Get Chests

Want to open the gate to access the chest behind it? Here's how.

While you are progressing in the world of this ruthless game, you will come across several doors and gates that you will have to open. That’s because there will be quite a bit of items, resources or even chests locked behind the stone gates but how to access them? We don’t want you to miss out on them which is why we’ve created this quick guide on how to open Gates in Returnal. Keep reading to know the answer.

How to Open Stone Gates in Returnal?


When you find yourself in front of a Stone Gate in Returnal, you have to look for a switch which has a yellow light. Your task is to find this switch which can be anywhere near the door. It could be next to the door, above it or somewhere near it. It won’t be far off from the Gate though. Once located, bring out your weapon and aim at it which will make the switch go red. Then shoot at it which will open up the Gate. You don’t have to rush in because the door won’t close back so you can rest assured.

How to Open Stone Gates Returnal

Head towards the open Gate and collect the items that were locked behind it. This is what you need to do to open every Stone Gate and you will be able to access various items behind them.


Speaking of gates and doors, there’s a door not opening bug that is causing frustration among many players. It is creating a roadblock in the progression because you aren’t able to interact with any door. Know that the developers are aware of this problem. The possible fix until they release a patch is to use the standard suit for Selene and not the pre-order suit. Another option is to restart but that means losing your progress. So if you haven’t got this door glitch yet, avoid it by switching to the default skin.

That’s all there is to know about how to open stone gates in Returnal. We’ve got lots more Returnal guides for you that will help you survive longer in this challenging game.