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How to Mute Teammate In Valorant

Mute the annoying teammate

Valorant is a game of team and sometime there will be people who do not respect others’ privacy. There can be background noise, music, and a ton of annoyance. Thankfully the game has simple settings that will help mute a player in Valorant. By reducing their Team Voice volume to 0 you can end the disturbance. But this only works for you, others will also have to follow the same settings.

How to mute a player in Valorant?

If you are playing a Custom Map or in any game, you will have around 10 players on the ground in a team of 5 each. Some voices can be disturbing and affect your gameplay. It is highly important to have a clear sound because listening to footsteps is also important. So here is how you can mute a player in Valorant.

  1. Enter a match and press Esc key. Try out the settings in Buy Phase, you can also do this in between the match.
  2. Click on Match, here you will see the list of players.
  3. Next to every player’s name, there are some columns. Like Action, Allow Communication, and Team Voice Volume.
  4. Go Team Voice Volume and drat the bar to the left to completely mute a player in Valorant.

By default, the volume is set to 52 which is good enough to listen but low. You can also set a player to Text Chat only during the match. The most important part is to use the Ping whenever you spot an enemy. The mini-map will display the location of the killed player for a few seconds.

You can also click on Team Voice under Allow Communication to allow or disallow voice communication. Each player has its settings and can be modified by every player. Using the above steps you can mute player in Valorant and enjoy the game.