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How To Move Servants In V Rising? (Answered)

Here's everything to know about moving servants to a new castle in V Rising.

In order to build your empire, a couple of servants is a need. Especially since there are a ton of chores that they can fulfill while you complete bigger and more important missions. One of which is fighting bosses. Using servants as guards of the castle is one of their most important duties. On top of this, enslaving humans can be quite a task. And so, many players would rather move their current servants to a bigger and better castle rather than go through that again. But can you move servants from one castle to another in V Rising? And if so, how do you do that?

How to Move Servants & their Coffins to a New Castle in V Rising?


How To Move Servants

Unfortunately, you cannot currently move servants and their coffins in V Rising. Even though you may want to move them to your new base in the game, V Rising currently doesn’t allow for that.

There are many methods that other gamers have tried when it comes to trying to move their servants. One of which is destroying the servant’s coffin and then rebuilding the same in the new coffin. All this does is kill your servants and make you lose loot. However, we should mention that a few have found luck with this method as well.


Even though there is a move button in the game, this is not sure to work. No one has found any success with this as it just shows an error when you try to do so.

Along with a new base, comes the need for new servants. Instead of moving your servants to a new castle, now, you will need to collect your loot and kill them.

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