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Stellaris: How to Merge Fleets?

Here’s how you can get Crafty with your fleet in Stellaris.

Stellaris is a real-time space strategy game where players build their own empires. A space game is bound to have space ships as a crucial part and so does this one. Ships help carry the army and transport things to and from planets. There are some Military Ships like the Armada and some Civilian ships like the Science ship. With many different kinds of ships building a balanced Fleet becomes very crucial. Fleets can be merged and split as per requirements so stick till the end to find out how you can get crafty with your fleets in Stellaris.

How to Merge Fleets?


Merging fleets depends on requirements. To merge a fleet you have to, press the square button to open the Outliner Menu. In the Outliner Menu, you need to multi-select the fleets you want to merge, to multi-select press the cross button. Remember by pressing the Square button you can instruct a specific task to a Fleet but by using the Cross button you can Que Instructions or Fleets themselves. When selected, the fleets will be highlighted and if you want to deselect, press the cross button again. To merge all the selected fleets press the square button and it will pick them and highlight the fleets on the screen. Press R1 to open the manage tab and there you will see an icon with two ships overlapping, select that and the fleets will merge.

Merge Fleets in Stellaris

Players can also split their fleets by selecting a fleet. Once selected just press the R1 button and the manage tab will open, in the manage tab, you will see an icon with two ships and a dotted line. Select the option and your fleet will be split into two fleets. If there is a type that is in odd number it will be divided in close to half.


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