Zenkai Origins Meditation Guide: How To Meditate?

Tired of leveling up by normal means and looking to level up in another way. Find out how to meditate in Zenkai Origins to level up faster.

Leveling up in this game can be tough but don’t worry, it isn’t impossible. One of the things you can do to level up faster in Zenkai Origins is to meditate. Sure, you’ll need to complete a lot of quests but in the end, it will all be worth it. So read till the end as I will explain to you how to meditate in Zenkai Origins.

How to Meditate in Zenkai Origins?

zenkai origins meditate
Image credit: Jazon 157 on YouTube

Meditating can be done in Zenkai Origins if you have completed the quests at Kami’s Lookout. If you have already done that, then all you need to do is speak with Kami and he will allow you to start meditating. Now, let us say you haven’t completed Kami’s Lookout quests and are wondering how do I even begin, well fear not I will explain to you just what it is that you have to do. Meditation will come in handy when you want to enhance your Mastery skill.

So firstly, you will have to complete these quests in this exact order. Start with Chi-Chi’s quests, after you are done with her go-to Master Roshi. Once you have finished everything given by Master Roshi head towards Korin’s Tower. Korin’s Tower can be found below Kami’s Lookout but it is still quite high in the air. When you reach the tower talk to Korin (the cat) and complete his quests. Now, fly to Kami’s Lookout and complete a set of quests there. After these quests are complete Mr. Popo will fight you, defeat him, complete another quest, and finally, you can now meditate.

Phew, that was a lot of quests. Guess, you will need to charge your Ki to recover from all that action. Don’t know how to do that? Worry not, check out how to charge ki in Zenkai Origins.