Zenkai Origins: How To Charge Ki

Playing Zenkai Origins and looking for a way to charge up your ki? Don't worry, this guide has you covered.

Zenkai Origins is a dragon ball game for Roblox. In this game, you can play as one of the various races from the Dragon Ball universe. You could be a Human, a Saiyan, a Majin, or a Namekian. Whichever, race you play as all of them use up Ki. What is Ki you ask? Ki is like a health bar but for your abilities. Whenever you use any of your skills or abilities you will use up Ki. Therefore, learning how to charge Ki, will come in handy in more ways than you can imagine.

How to Charge Ki in Zenkai Origins?

zenkai origins charge ki

To charge Ki in Zenkai Origins, you have to press and hold the C key. That is as simple as it gets. Ki is a very important thing, like I explained above whenever you use your skills or abilities it depletes a little. So always remember to charge it up whenever you get a chance. A tip to remember is that you don’t necessarily have to stand on the ground to charge up your KI. You can charge Ki while both standing on the ground or while floating in the air.

Another thing to remember is that your Ki depletes when you are flying fast. Once all of it is over you will still fly but at the normal pace. The drainage of your Ki also depends on the race of your character. Different characters expel their Ki in different amounts, so a Saiyan won’t deplete their Ki while flying around or while transforming but other characters might. Oh and the most important thing to remember is to float or move to a safe area if you need to charge up your Ki. This is because you are defenseless while charging your Ki, so observing your surroundings will help a lot.

That sums up this guide. Check out our Zenkai Origins Codes for Roblox to get free Zeni, boosts, and more.

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