Infinite Craft: How To Make Paradox (Recipe & Combinations)

Paradox is just another element that players can make in Infinite Craft. Since it has a complex recipe, you might find it tough to make unless you can get the correct combinations.

We have been having a fun time crafting numerous items in Infinite Craft and players can truly craft anything with the correct combinations and recipes. However, there are many elements that are just too tough to craft, and finding their recipes is quite difficult. For instance, if you are looking to make Paradox in Infinite Craft, this guide will provide you with what you need.

Building each element is a tedious task especially because there is no proper guide to making them. However, we have experimented quite a lot in the game and have found some exciting elements as well. At times, players will find themselves stuck and to get through, they will need the help of Infinite Craft cheats. However, that removes the puzzle solving aspect of the game so make sure you use it only if you can’t move forward.

How to Make Paradox in Infinite Craft

Combine Time with Time Travel to get Paradox in Infinite Craft
Image via Neal.Fun

These are the combinations that you need to use to get Paradox in Infinite Craft:

  • Wind + Water will give you Wave.
  • Wave + Earth will give you Sand.
  • Sand + Fire will give you Glass.
  • Glass + Sand will give you Hourglass.
  • Hourglass + Sand will give you Time.
  • Water + Fire will give you Steam.
  • Steam + Earth will give you Mud.
  • Mud + Fire will give you Brick.
  • Brick + Steam will give you Steam Engine.
  • Time + Steam Engine will give you Time Machine.
  • Time Machine + Steam Engine will give you Time Travel.
  • Time Travel + Time will give you Paradox.

That’s all you will need to make Paradox in Infinite Craft. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other recipes for Love, Diamond, Uranium, and more right here at Gamer Tweak.