How to Make Hawaii in Infinite Craft

If you’re looking for the crafting recipe to get the Hawaii State, here’s the simple process to follow.

Players can create lots of places in this addictive game, right from countries like Australia, Japan, China as well as Ohio. In this guide, we will take a look at how to make Hawaii in Infinite Craft, the US State known for stunning beaches, water sports, the Hula dance, amazing cuisine, and volcanic activity. While many recipes in this game can’t be predicted easily, thankfully, this one can be.

How to Make Hawaii in Infinite Craft (Recipe)

Combine Island with America to get Hawaii in Infinite Craft. You can also combine Island with ‘USA’ to get the same result.

recipe combo to get hawaii infinite craft
Hawaii crafting recipe / Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

How to Make Island

  • Combine Water with Water to get Lake
  • Combine Water and Lake to get Ocean
  • Combine two Fire blocks to unlock Volcano
  • Lastly, combining Ocean and Volcano will get you an Island

How to Make America and USA

  1. Water + Water = Lake
  2. Lake + Water = Ocean
  3. Earth + Fire = Lava
  4. Lava + Fire = Volcano
  5. Volcano + Ocean = Island
  6. Island + Earth = Continent
  7. Continent + Lake = America
  8. America + Earth = USA

And that’s all there is to it! Mixing the elements of America/USA with Island will create Hawaii. If you’re interested to unlock more ingredients and recipes, here’s how to make a Video gameUndertaleFreddy FazbearSuper SaiyanSuper MarioFortnite, and more.