How To Make Emo In Infinite Craft

Emo is a popular music genre in the western part of the world. If you are a fan of the music and the tattoos, you may want to check how to make Emo in Infinite Craft.

Infinite Craft lets you craft almost anything if you have the right recipes and combinations. That means, if you are a fan of the rock culture, there are numerous things available for you to make including Emo in Infinite Craft. Emerging as a style of hardcore punk and post-hardcore, the genre has already garnered so many fans that it is obvious that they would want to craft it in the game.

We have been experimenting with numerous recipes in Infinite Craft and while many are easy, there are some complex recipes. Players are bound to get stuck with one of those sooner or later. Infinite Craft cheats are the best way to go forward if you encounter one of the tough recipes. They will provide you with a unique solution that will help you solve the puzzle.

How to Get Emo in Infinite Craft

Combine Goth and Black Heart to Get Make in Infinite Craft
Image via Neal.Fun

These are the combinations that you will need to use to get Emo in Infinite Craft:

  • Earth + Fire will give you Lava.
  • Lava + Water will give you Stone.
  • Stone + Lava will give you Obsidian.
  • Obsidian + Earth will give you Diamond.
  • Diamond + Obsidian will give you Onyx.
  • Onyx + Obsidian will give you Black Heart.
  • Black Heart + Water will give you Ink.
  • Ink + Fire will give you Tattoo.
  • Tattoo + Black Heart will give you Goth.
  • Goth + Black Heart will give you Emo.

If you are finding yourself stuck in the game, you can also check out all Infinite Craft combinations to get an idea about what to do.

That’s all you will need to make Emo in Infinite Craft. Since you are playing Infinite Craft, do check out our combos to make SatanBatmanContinent, and many more, right here at Gamer Tweak.