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Minecraft Dispenser – How To Make & Use It

Learn how to Make & Use a Dispenser in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft has a variety of Blocks, some are useful like the Redstone Blocks & some are Decorative like a Netherite Block. Under the Redstone banner in Minecraft, we have Blocks like the Dispenser. A Dispenser allows the player to automate certain tasks. The main function of a Dispenser is to dispense Items in Minecraft. In today’s guide, I will show you how to make a Dispenser in Minecraft.

How to Make a Dispenser in Minecraft?

dispenser in minecraft

A Dispenser in Minecraft requires pretty simple Items that can be acquired by the Player from the Start of the game. All you need to make a Dispenser is a Bow (of any Durability), A piece of Redstone Dust, and Seven pieces of Cobblestone. In the Crafting Table, place the Bow in the middle of the Grid, a Redstone Dust under it, and then fill in the remaining Slots with Cobblestone. Follow the Below table to craft a Dispenser in Minecraft.



How to use a Dispenser?

A Dispenser can be activated from any kind of Redstone Pulse. That includes Buttons, Pressure Plates, Levers, Redstone Blocks, & other Redstone Pulse Sources. When a Dispenser receives a Redstone Pulse it will dispense a single Item at random from one of its 9 inventory slots. It requires a minimum of 1 Redstone Tick Pulse or it will lock up and not work. The Dispenser in Minecraft has some other uses like dispensing Water or Lava if their respective Buckets is in the Dispenser. It will also pick them back up when it receives a Redstone Pulse.

A Dispenser in Minecraft can also activate a Nether Portal if it has a Flint & Steel in it. Be mindful as every time it does that it will reduce the Durability of the Flint & Steel. Dispensers will launch Projectile items like Arrows, Potions, Snowballs, Eggs, etc. It can also auto equip attachments to animals like Saddles & Armor to all ridable Mobs and Llamas. Boats will be dispensed as Entities if faced in the direction which is above Water. You can equip Armor onto Players & Mobs with an empty Inventory Slot by the Dispenser.

If any of the items do not fall in these categories then they will be dispensed as an Item by the Dispenser in Minecraft. This was all about the Dispenser in Minecraft and how to make it. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on Best Food Source in Minecraft.