How To Make Bat In Infinite Craft

There are some easy to craft things in Infinite Craft that you can further combine to make different kinds of recipes. Although the game is based on wordplay, science, and general knowledge it can be tedious so often. One of the recipes that have stumped players is to create a Bat in Infinite Craft. If you are facing a tough task while building a Bat, this guide will help you go further.

While a Bat is an easy recipe, many complex recipes will hinder you at a certain point with no way forward. If that happens, you can use Infinite Craft cheats. It will solve the puzzle for you with a unique recipe and even though you may have started with a different one, you can always mix the two or start over to get the desired result.

How to Create Bat in Infinite Craft

Combine Black Heart and Vampire to Get Bat in infinite Craft
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These are the elements that you need to combine to create a Bat in Infinite Craft:

  • Earth + Water will give you Plant.
  • Plant + Wind will give you Dandelion.
  • Dandelion + Water will give you Wine.
  • Wine + Water will give you Holy Water.
  • Holy Water + Fire will give you Vampire.
  • Earth + Fire will give you Lava.
  • Lava + Water will give you Stone.
  • Stone + Lava will give you Obsidian.
  • Obsidian + Earth will give you Diamond.
  • Diamond + Obsidian will give you Onyx.
  • Onyx + Obsidian will give you Black Heart.
  • Vampire + Black Heart will give you Bat.

If you are finding yourself stuck in the game, you can also check out all Infinite Craft combinations to get an idea about what to do.

That’s all you will need to make Bat in Infinite Craft. Since you are playing Infinite Craft, do check out our combos to make SatanBatmanContinent, and many more, right here at Gamer Tweak.