How To Make An Ooze Bomb In Valheim

Follow these rules to make an Ooze Bomb In Valheim

Valheim is a role-playing, survival simulator game and it has taken the gaming community by storm. It represents an innovative step in survival genre games with its unique gameplay. Weapons obviously make up a big part of the game and there are different weapons for different purposes. Ooze Bombs are a unique weapon and are an example of an explosive weapon. This guide tells you how to make an Ooze Bomb in Valheim and how to use it.

Making An Ooze Bomb In Valheim

Make an Ooze Bomb in Valheim
Read this guide to know how to make an Ooze Bomb in Valheim.

Weapon production is an important part of Valheim gameplay. There are a plethora of weapons you can choose from. Each weapon has its own characteristic and feasibility. For crafting weapons you will require a workbench at the very least.

Ooze bombs can be used against all enemies. However, they don’t have too much damage. Therefore, it makes sense to use them as knockback weapons. Knockback weapons help to disorient enemies and push them back while creating some distance between you and them.

To make Ooze Bombs you will first need to obtain Ooze. For obtaining Ooze you will need to kill a creature called Blob. These Blobs are usually seen in the Swamp Biome. They drop Ooze once you kill them. However one needs to be aware as they can poison you.

To craft an Ooze Bomb you will require 10 Ooze, 5 Leather Scraps, and 3 Resin. You will have to craft it on your workbench. Once you have crafted it you can equip them to your inventory and use it on enemies. Now that you know about how to make an Ooze Bomb you can also look at which is the best bow in Valheim and look at our Valheim Wiki Guides.