Sekiro Shadows Die Twice How To Collect Loot Money Guide

The main source of collecting money in Sekiro is to down your opponents and loot it from them, but Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a bit different compared to the other games From Software has released in the past and this guide will show you how to collect money from downed opponents.

How to collect loot in Sekiro

There is a bit of difference between the items you find randomly scattered in the game and collecting loot from enemies which have been slain, the difference is that you will collect items randomly by just pressing Square on the PS4 or X on the Xbox but this is not the same for collecting loot.

To pick the loot up, you will have to be close to the enemy that you wish to collect from and hold Square on PS4 and X on Xbox, this will begin a small animation and once it is completed you will have collected all the loot available from your enemy.

This is the quickest way to collect money in the game and it is advisable to collect as much and store it away in a purse found in the marketplace as you will probably die frequently and this will take away the cash you have on you.

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