How to Increase Your Health in Astral Chain

More Health More Battle

Health is something you never have enough of in any game, and the same goes for Astral Chain, enemies keep getting stronger as you progress in the game and so does their attacks, this guide will show you how to increase your health in Astral Chain.

How to Increase Your Health in Astral Chain

Astral Chain does a few things different and you do not have to upgrade your health in Astral Chain like other games, instead, you earn more health by simply playing Astral Chain.

You will have to focus on increasing your Duty Rank in the game, every time you do so you get a bit of health boost.

To increase Duty Rank you will have to complete Files and at the end of each File, your score gets calculated and based on that you get a boost that represents your achievements.

The better you do in each File the better rewards you get at the end of it. You can also complete red or blue quests that you find which will help you get more experience points resulting in a better score.

This is all there is to know about how to increase health in Astral Chain, make sure that you check out other guides on it as well.

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