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How To Increase Might In Lords Mobile Game

All Possible Ways To Increase Might in Lords Mobile

Might in the Lords Mobile game indicates the overall strength of the player in the game. This is a combination of all your resources including the buildings, troops, defenses, etc. Any damage or upgrade will affect the might accordingly. Now, this might be a good flex for you to show off since other players can see this. You can check your might on the top left player icon. If you don’t like what you see, have some ways here to bump it up in this guide on How To Increase Might In Lords Mobile Game.

Ways to Increase Might in Lords Mobile


1. Troops

Troops are probably the easiest way to increase your might. But keep in mind, if you lose troops, you will have a negative impact on the might. With this option, you gain might quickly but also lose it equally quickly if you are losing wars.

Tier Might Per Unit
T1 Troop 2
T2 Troop 8
T3 Troop 24
T4 Troop 36
T5 Troop 48

2. Traps

Placing traps around your base will also help notch up the might. But just like troops, the effects on Might can be positive as well as negative. So make sure you keep upgrading your Traps and Troops regularly.

Tier Might Per Unit
T1 Trap 2
T2 Trap 3
T3 Trap 4
T4 Trap 5

3. Buildings

Constructing and upgrading your building will not only increase your might substantially but also unlock a variety of features to strengthen your kingdom. Each Building has its own might gain depending on the level it is on.

4. Quests

Players can opt for Increase Might quests during Guild Fest. Only these quests can increase might in Lords.

5. Research

More the research, more the might. Keep on giving utmost focus on researching everything that is available for research in the game. Each research object from researching buildings to troops have their own might points. You will soon notice that your might level is soaring high.

6. Player Level

Player EXP shows the progress of the player within the game. There are 60 levels and can be gained by constructions, Quests, and using Player EXP items that are available in the game. In level 60, the player will score a collective of 5,737,967 might increase.

7. Hero Armies

Ranking up your Heroes by promoting them is a sure-shot way to earn some might. Upgrading their grade and color will also work. A Rank 8 Gold Hero will give you 1 million might.

So these are all the ways on how to increase might in Lords mobile game. Just as a side note, decent regular gameplay will automatically keep increasing your might. Check this article if you would like to know about How to Unlock New Heroes.