How To Increase Army Size Lords Mobile

All the ways to increase army size in Lords Mobile game

Lords Mobile is an MMO game that revolves around creating your base and troops which are used for various PvP PvE battles. The game introduces several modes of playing with attacking and defense being the core. Having a huge upgraded army is the biggest flex you can have in this game and also very helpful. But the game only allows the Players to deploy a limited number of attack troops depending on their castle level. Now we all know that the more the merrier, and extra hands in the game will surely get you success. Here we are giving you all the tips and tricks on how to increase your army size in Lords Mobile.

All Possible Ways to Increase Army Size in Lords Mobile

Here are my six best tips on increasing your army size in Lords Mobile and win every battle in the game.

1. Upgrading the Castle


Starting with the obvious, upgrade your castle players! The more you upgrade the castle, the more soldiers you can deploy. At the maxed-out castle on level 25, you can send 200,000 troops.

2. Upgrading the Hero Levels


The game allows you to station a max of 5 heroes and the rank of each hero matters. Go to your heroes list and select a hero that has a high rank. Once you highlight the hero you will be able to see its stats. On the battle skills tab, there will be something called the command under the Leadership heading. That command number is the number of additional troops that the hero can get in the army. Simply rank up your heroes and station all 5 heroes together to get the maximum additional soldiers for increasing the army size.

3. Max Army Size Turf Boost


The Army Size Boost will allow you to increase the Max Army Size for four hours. This can be obtained through completing special events or buying Special Bundles. They come in the 20% and 50% variations of Army Size Boost. The 20% can be purchased for 240,000 Guild Coins and the 50% for 5,000 Gems. Though a temporary solution, this boost can help you loads during that four-hour timeframe.

4. Wonder Battles


You can increase your troop size by researching through the Wonder Battle Tree in The Academy. With some extensive research, you will be able to reach the Wonder Rally I and Wonder Rally II upgrades and they collectively will let you deploy additional 1,000,000 soldiers to your wonder rallies.

5. Mecha Trojan Horse


Leveling up your Mecha Trojan horse to level 10 will provide you an additional 125,000 troops for your Max Coalition Army size for 30 minutes. It is however a difficult task to obtain that level of the Trojan and increase your army size in Lords Mobile.

6. Darknest Rallies


This research is under Darknest Invasion in the Military Command tab which will allow you to additional Army Size Boost. The upgrades are again extensive but can really game up your Darknest Rallies by 50,000 troops.

So that will be all for our guide on how to get a bigger army size in Lords Mobile. If you want to know what hero lineup will defeat the Tidal Titan check out this article Lords Mobile: Tidal Titan Hero Lineup.