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How to Restore Settlers Health in Going Medieval?

Colonist or Settlers will loose their health after raid in Going Medieval.How to Heal Settlers and Treat their Injuries in Going Medieval.

Scared of losing your valuable people in Going Medieval? Then you have to avoid injuries from raids and illness. Both are not possible, the easiest way is to heal them. I can help you with how to heal people in Going Medieval so that they can keep on working and expanding the colony.

How to Restore Settlers Health in Going Medieval?


Going Medieval Sleep Pattern

The easiest way to heal settlers is to send them to sleep. Through the schedule panel, you can control your settlers day to day activity. You can prioritize their work, leisure, and sleep. This is where you can set up a balance between everything. 10 to 12 hours of working hours is good for the colony. Allot minimum 8 hours of sleep and two to three hours of leisure for Settlers refreshment.

The second way to heal a Settler is by selecting the Doctor in the colony. Just right-click on an injured settler and select Doctor. Using these two methods you can heal the settlers fast. But there is one challenge, the game has a Jobs panel. It allows you to prioritize different jobs in the colony. What if an injured settler is forced to work on construction. He is not going to heal fast. For this, there is one job, by prioritizing it you can force a settler to heal in Going Medieval.


How to Force Heal a Settler in Going Medieval?

The jobs panel will show you a shortlist of settlers on the left with a list of all jobs on top. With this, each of these jobs has a number. It is the priority level, where priority 1 is the max, and priority 5 is the lowest one. Settlers will focus less on jobs set at priority 4 or 5. To force heal a settler set the Convalesce priority to 1.

Going Medieval Jobs Panel


By doing this when the injured settler finishes a job, he/she will go to sleep whenever a free bed is available on the base. More ways to heal is to train a settler to be good at medicines. In this way, a professional will be always available to treat injured settlers in Going Medieval. Set Tend to priority 1 to make it happens at once.

To heal settlers with critical injury pick a doctor from the settlers list from the top-right menu. Right-click on the injured settler and go to Action menu > Prioritize Tending Wounds.

Remove Settler wounds need tending! Message


If you are seeing this message on the top left of the screen along with the name of settlers then it means not all of them are healed. There is still injury in the camp and you will have to find the settler to fix him. To heal an unconscious settler, select a colonist first and then right-click on the fallen settler. Choose option take to the bed, the healthy one will carry him to the bed.

You can also see the Health Information of a settler by clicking on the Health Tab. Just have a look if there is anyone who needs healing. You can see the meter for Blood, Consciousness, Pain, and Stomach. Which overall defines a health condition of a settler. Also, you will see the list of wounds that requires tending.

Do not forget to view this menu of all people in the camp when required. So that you can find an inured settler and heal him fast in Going Medieval. Here is a guide on how to get more settlers if you are looking for some help to increase the camp population.