How To Gift In Dragon’s Dogma 2 (DD2)

Dragon’s Dogma 2 allows players to send gifts to NPCs. If you are unaware of how this works, this guide will help you with everything you will need.

Gifting is a useful option in DD2 if you are looking to increase affinity with certain NPCs. There is also a romance option that can be unlocked further in the game. However, if you don’t know how to gift in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you are missing out on a helpful game mechanic. Fortunately, we have tried out this mechanic and this guide will show you everything you will need to gift your fellow NPCs.

Although it is quite easy to gift in DD2, there are a few things that players need to keep in mind. One of the most important factors is that you should only gift items to those NPC who would be valuable to you. If that is not the case, you won’t find any major advantage of gifting. It does not directly affect your gameplay so rest assured if you are worried about this mechanic.

How to Gift in Dragon’s Dogma 2

DD2 Gifting Guide
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To give a gift in Dragon’s Dogma 2, speak to one of the NPC and select the Give Gift option to open up the Give Gift menu (Square or X). Once the menu opens, select any item, weapon, or armor you wish to give to the NPC. However, keep in mind that gifts once given cannot be taken back so only give those that you are willing to part ways with.

Another thing that you should have in mind before you hand out the gifts is to check out the NPC Logbook to find out a specific NPC’s favorite items. Head to the History Tab in the menu and then head to the NPC Logbook. Now, scroll to the NPC of your choice and check out what they like.

Types of Items You Can Gift in Dragon’s Dogma 2

How to Gift in Dragon's Dogma 2
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  • Beautiful Items – Flowers and Shards
  • Fancy Items – Rings and Potions
  • Interesting Items – Weapons and Armor
  • Adorable Items – Beetles and Flowers
  • Rare Items – Drops from Monsters
  • Expensive Items – High-valued items from Merchants and Stores

That’s all you will need from this guide. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Dragon’s Dogma 2 guides right here at Gamer Tweak.