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How To Get Void Metal In New World | Mine And Farm Locations

If you plan on crafting any rare Armor you will need Void Metal. In this guide check out where you can find it.

New World is an MMO game developed by Amazon Game Studios. In this game, you can do various things like build, explore, battle and craft. And out of these things if you want to go to battle you will require strong equipment. And that is where crafting comes in. You can craft rare armors with the help of Void Metal. So in this guide let’s take a look at where to find and how to get Void Metal in New World.

How to Get Void Metal in New World


how to get void metal in new world

There are 4 ways to get Void Metal in New World and they are:

  • Buy it from Trading posts
  • Hunt and mine Tundra & Mountain Elementals
  • Mine Iron Veins
  • Looting Ancient Coffers & Urns and Supply Caches & Crates.


Buy Void Metal from Trading Posts

You can enter the trading post and search for it. If another player is selling it you can trade it with them. But if there is no one selling it then this method won’t work.

Hunt and Mine Tundra & Mountain Elementals – Farm Locations


Tundra Elementals are glowing green wolves and Mountain Elementals are big glowing green bears. To obtain it from them, first, you will need to slay them. Once they are dead you can mine them. Remember you won’t be able to mine them if your mining skill is lower than 100. You can use this method to farm some void metal.

Mountain Elementals are spotted spawning in Ebonscale Reach, Edengrove, and Weaver’s Fen. While Tundra Elementals can be found in Ebonscale Reach, Shattered Mountain, Brightwood, Eldengrove, Reekwater, and in Everfall.

Mine Iron Veins – Find Void Metal in New World

You can find Iron Veins all across the map. Iron Vein is a resource node that you can also use to obtain Iron ores. It has a rare chance of dropping this metal but a factor that affects this drop rate is your luck and skill level. You can increase your mining luck by eating Herb-roasted Potatoes, Salted Roasted Vegetables, Boiled Potatoes, Roasted Potatoes, and Poultry with Roasted Potatoes.


Looting Ancient Coffers & Urns and Supply Caches & Crates.

These items spawn throughout the map. The rarer container you open the more chance you have of acquiring Void Metal.

Now you know everything on where to find and how to get Void metal. Since you like playing this game be sure to check out our other guide on how to get salt in New World.