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How To Get Salt In New World

Looking to get your hands on some Salt in New World? This guide will help you out.

New World is an MMO game set on the mystical island of Aternum. This game lets you explore, build, battle, and craft. But when it comes to crafting, it needs resources. Saltpeter or Salt is an item in New World that is needed for gunpowder. Additionally, you can also use it to cook. So it is very important for survival no matter which way you put it. So in this guide let us take a look at how to find and get Salt in New World and all salt locations.

How to Get Salt In New World – All Salt Locations


You can find Salt in New World in the Everfall or Brightwood regions in the game. Salt along with the other ingredients spawn only at certain locations. And each such ingredient can only be found in those areas. You can mostly find it in Provision Crates. Once you open a crate the next one spawns again after around 30-45 minutes.

Since Salt can be found from crates, and there are a ton of them, you’ll have to open each individually to get it. These are the areas where you can find Salt in Everfall:

  • Shadow Mine
  • Dustmeadow
  • Between Dustmeadow and Salt Hollow
  • Salt Hollow
  • Above and right to Stonereach
  • Bottom Right to Salt Hollow
  • Above Emberwood
  • Bearclaw Pass


new world everfall salt locations
Credit to Map Genie for the Map

These are the areas where you can find Salt in Brightwood:

  • Brackwater
  • Left of Ironbend
  • Ironbend
  • Above The Eldritch
  • The Eldritch
  • Above Lake Genevieve
  • Lake Genevieve


new world brightwood salt locations
Credit to Map Genie for the Map

Best place to Farm Salt in New World – Best Salt Location

Ebon Rock Quarry, north of the Everfall region. Credit to Video Game DataBank on YouTube for figuring out this trick. Check out their video here to get an in-depth guide. You can farm Salt here to your heart’s content.

That covers everything you need to know about Saltpeter and how to get Salt in New World. If you like playing this game but are tired of wait times check out our guide on how to check wait times in New World.