How To Easily Farm Unlimited Anointed Legendary Weapons In Borderlands 3

Farming Legendary Weapons in Borderlands 3 doesn't have to be stressful, check out this glitch that you can exploit to get unlimited weapons

Anointed Legendary weapons are hard to come by in Borderlands 3, there is a huge grind behind it, but what if there was a simple way to get as many Anointed Legendary weapons. If you want to know how to get almost an unlimited supply of legendary weapons in Borderlands 3, check this guide out.

How To Farm Unlimited Anointed Legendary Weapons In Borderlands 3

The first thing you should know is that by traditional methods getting your hands on an anointed legendary, this is a small little glitch that hasn’t been fixed by Gearbox Studios.

For this glitch to work, you do need the Bounty of Blood DLC, so make sure that you have that installed before you try to collect the legendaries.

Below are steps mentioned on how you can farm legendary weapons in Borderlands 3.

You will need to play the Bounty of Blood DLC and get to the mission titled Riding To Ruin, this is the final mission of the game and for completing this mission you get about 4 legendary weapons.

After completing this mission you get to unlock the Bank in Vestige and loot the chests there, but if you want to keep this farming process going on you have to be careful and not complete the mission.

What you need to do is reach the Riding To Ruin mission in the Blood of Bounty DLC, get to the Bank in Vestige and open all the chests that you see. Collect the four legendary weapons but do not shoot the money boxes that glow red.

This way you can quit the game and come back again, you won’t be able to complete the mission until you shoot the money boxes so save them until you’re done collecting as many legendary weapons as you want.

This is all there is to know about how to farm Anointed Legendary weapons in Borderlands 3. Make sure to check out how to get the Unkempt Harold Pistol in Borderlands 3.