How To Get Tushita Sword In Blox Fruits

Find out how to obtain the Legendary Sword needed for the powerful CDK weapon.

Roblox Blox Fruits is a pirate-based MMORPG that heavily relies on Katana combat PvP. There are multiple different aspects to the game including collecting Devil Fruits that give you various different power-ups and a plethora of playstyles aided by the types of Swords in the game. There are tiers of rarity for Swords ranging from common, uncommon, rare to the Legendaries and Mythical. The Legendary and Mythical swords are some of the most powerful in the game dealing massive amounts of damage making them the best out there for PvP and Raids. One of the fan-favorite Legendary swords is the Tushita. This rare sword is one of the two-part Cursed Dual Katana which is an absolutely overpowered weapon in the game. So in this guide we will breakdown all the steps to unlock and get Tushita in Blox Fruits.

How to Get Tushita Sword in Blox Fruits

Firstly, an important thing to remember is that in order to get Tushita, you will need to reach Level 2000 in the game. This is because the game deems you unworthy of wielding the sword before that level. Another thing you require is the God’s Chalice. You need to start the rip_indra Raid with this item.

Blox Fruits how to get Tushita Sword
Image Source: Axiore on YouTube

Now in order to get Tushita, follow the steps below:

  • First you need to head to Hydra Island. Under a waterfall, you will find the wall of Yama’s room. Break this wall and enter.
  • Next, you will be swarmed with a bunch of ghosts you have to defeat. After that, you need to find the Secret Entrance.
  • The secret entrance is a doorway to the Portal that teleports you to the Floating Turtle. The game will then prompt you to prepare for the adventure that ensues.
  • Follow the instructions and collect the torches in order. You need to find your way to a stone path that appears on the right and follow it till you reach Musketeer Pirate’s abode.
  • Keep going until you have collected all four torches until you get prompted with a “Well done. You may enter my hideout now” message.
  • This is the final and the toughest part. Once you enter, you will face the Longma boss. You need to fight this NPC boss to obtain the Legendary sword.

Now, defeating the Longma Boss is no easy feat. So it is recommended to have as many damage resistant Devil Fruits and other power ups with you. Once you have defeated this ferocious boss, you will be given the “Celestial Swordsman” achievement and the Tushita Sword will be yours to take.

That is all you need to know on how to get the Tushita Sword in Roblox Blox Fruits. If you found this article and want more related content, check out this guide on how to get the Cursed Dual Katana in Blox Fruits.