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How to Get Trinkets In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

A guide on where to find Trinkets in MH Rise.

When you return home from your day job which consists of fighting deadly monsters all day long, you need a decent home to come back to. MHR understands that. The game gives the players their own homes that they can decorate. Maybe even show off to the other players and village members. The most indulged decoration here is the Trinkets. The trinkets may be a little hard to find, but we got you! In this guide on How to Get Trinkets in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), we tell you all the possible ways to obtain them for decoration.

All Possible Ways to Get Trinkets In Monster Hunter Rise.


Below are the ways to obtain Trinkets to decorate your room in MHR. Below are different ways to find it in the game.

Lottery Prizes

How to Get Trinkets in Monster Hunter Rise


Trinkets are obtained via the grand prizes in Lotteries that are conducted in the village. With a couple of tries and some luck, you might have a good chance of winning them. Access these beauties via the store. When you complete a range of 5 to 10 hunts, the store can start a sale. Here you can buy the lottery tickets and trinkets that can be available to you if you hit jackpot.

Relic Records



Relic Records are collectibles that you just randomly find in various locations of the game. One location has 10 records. They are represented by a ceremonial-looking katana in the game. Each one of them contains some message about the backstory of the location that you find them in. Once you collect 5 of them from a location, you will need to head back to the Kamura Village. There, meet Kagero the Merchant, he will reward you with Monster Carving trinkets for every set of 5 Records that you give him per locale.

So that is all about our guide on How to Get Trinkets in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Happy decoration! If you would like to know how to get Torrent Sacs in the game, check out this article on Torrent Sac In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).