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How To Get A Tractor In Dinkum

Here's how you get a Tractor in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a life-simulator farming game where the in-game character resides on an island. The island is based on the wild Australian theme where we have to start our own civilization by farming and raising animals. These activities are the key to survival in Dinkum. Farming is the most common and relaxing job to do in this game. Here’s our guide that features steps to get a Tractor so that you can farm without any hassle in Dinkum.

How to Get a Tractor in Dinkum
How to get a Tractor in Dinkum

There are lots of farming equipment in the game like a scythe, a shovel, or a hoe. But a Tractor is the most useful farming item that saves a lot of our time and does the job perfectly while ploughing the field. Get a Tractor in Dinkum by using these simple steps:

  • Every activity in this game requires some sort of license. Fletch is the non-playable character that provides licenses in exchange for some Permit Points.
  • To purchase a Tractor, a level 2 Vehicle License is required.
  • A level 1 Vehicle License unlocks the water vehicles, whereas a level 2 license unlocks the land vehicles.
  • Purchase a level 2 Vehicle License in exchange for 2400 PP from Fletch’s tent.
  • Franklyn is another NPC in the game who is a scientist and crafts vehicles.
  • Make him a permanent resident of your island by completing his requests.
  • Offering Shiny Discs to Franklyn can increase your friendship level with him.
  • Use the Metal Detector to find and collect the Shiny Discs buried throughout the island.
  • Enter Franklyn’s tent and interact with him to initiate a conversation.
  • Click on “Can you make me something?”
  • Scroll down and select the Tractor to purchase it for 1,500,000 Dinks.

That’s how you get a tractor in Dinkum. If you liked this guide, then make sure to check our other Dinkum Guides.