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Where Can You Get Sleeping Pills In Greedfall?

Sleeping Pills in Greedfall are a necessary item that will help you to incapacitate your enemies. Check out how to get them right here

Wondering about how to get sleeping pills in Greedfall? Well, you’re not alone then. Sleeping pills in Greedfall will help you carry out tasks and knockout anyone that you wish to. They’re also one of the key items in a quest. This guide will show you how to get sleeping pills in Greedfall, read until the end.

How To Get Sleeping Pills In Greedfall?


Sleeping pills can be purchased at most merchants in the game, just remember to check out the Quest tab in the shops to find them. Alternatively, you can even craft them in Greedfall, you will need Science Level 1 along with a Hoof Fungus, Inonotus Hispidus, and Beast Essence. Crafting these things is easy but you will need to make sure that you gather all of these items beforehand.

how to get sleeping pills in Greedfall

They are a necessity during the quest “A Name for a Family“, in this quest you will need to spike wine as Vasco suggests and then carry out the rest of the mission. These pills in Greedfall essentially work like Sleeping potions in other games.


As you progress in the game, you will need these to ensure that your enemies fall asleep and you can progress through without alerting enemies or creating a ruckus.

If you’re deciding to craft them, all you will need to do is find a workbench. You can find one in your residence at the campfire and create as many as you want.

As you discover more places, you will have a new residence in each major city, this will enable you to craft them anywhere easily.


This is all there is to know about how to get sleeping pills in Greedfall. While you’re here make sure that you check out how to change party members so that you can always have a well-balanced party at all times right here on Gamer Tweak.